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Dropbox Couriers is a Shipping and Logistics company that offers a web based solution to frustrated importers who are seeking affordable, reliable, flexible and convenient services. This company was incorporated to meet the growing needs of local and overseas shoppers. We have an unmatched reputation for delivering professional, reliable, affordable and customized solutions that truly meet our customers’ specific transportation needs. We are composed of a professional and experienced team with decades of experience in the industry. Each of our members is completely service oriented, committed to finding the best, fastest and most innovative ways to meet and surpass our customers’ expectations on a consistent basis. Dropbox Couriers is offering to you an original, branded, unique service different from many others; for people who want genuine services without paying premium costs.

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Rate Sheet

Dropbox Rates and Fees

Processing Fees
Standard package processing fee: $200 per package Handling fee: Packages with weight exceeding 20 lbs Storage Fee: $150 per day for small packages, $250 for large items over 15lb (effective 7 days after package is ready for pickup)

Other Fees
Fee for packages with bad shipping addresses: $100.00/package
Weightless packages or items exceeding 15lb will be charged at dimensional rate:

Customs Fees
Packages deemed by Customs as intended for personal use, valued in excess of $50.00 (C.I.F.) may be subject to Customs Duty Charges.

Please Note: It is the Importer’s responsibility to familiarize his or herself with the most recent Customs Regulations as it relates to the policies, procedures, import requirements, duties and taxes that may be applicable to importing packages into Jamaica.

Please note: All prices quoted on this page is in Jamaican Dollars.

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Common FAQs

My children want to order a toy gun, is this allowed?

Toy guns are restricted, as they are deemed as a threat and can be used for illicit purposes. The requisite permit is needed for importing these items.

Can camouflage (military) clothing be imported?

This gear is for military purpose or use only. It will be deemed as an impersonation or a threat, if civilians are caught wearing this type of clothing.

What rate will I pay if my package weight falls in between weight categories?

Packages with weights not listed on the rate chart will be charged the next rate up. For example: A package weighing 1.5lbs will incur a charge of $500.

Can someone else use my address to order something online?

Yes. However, all updates and charges will go to your account. It will be more convenient for each person to have their own account. It’s free!

How do I avoid paying customs duty on my packages?

All packages valued over US$50 are subject to customs duty charges. Keep your orders below US$50 if you want to avoid paying duties.

Why do I have to provide Dropbox Couriers with the invoices for my packages?

Dropbox Couriers has to declare to Jamaica customs the contents and value of each package entering the country through our service. If invoices are not provided, this will result in delays at customs and there is the possibility that the customs officer inspecting the shipment will assign a higher value to your package.

How long does it take for my package to arrive in Jamaica?

After your package is delivered to our Florida address between Thursday and Wednesday, it will arrive in Jamaica on Monday.

My package was delivered but I do not see it in my Dropbox account.

Packages are updated in batches. By end of day your package will show in your tracking. There may be an error in the shipping address. If it is not showing in your Dropbox account 24 hours after delivery, contact us.

My package appeared to be opened when I received it, why is this?

All packages coming through Jamaica Customs are opened and inspected by a customs officer to verify that the invoice matches the contents of the package. They are then resealed using cello tape.

How long do I have to collect my packages?

You have thirty (30) days after it is ready for pick-up/delivery to collect your package.


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